All-new Civic Series

Honda to Begin Sales of All-new Civic Series in Japan

TOKYO, Japan, July 27, 2017 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. will begin sales in Japan of the all-new Civic series on Friday, September 29, 2017, including three model types, Civic Hatchback, Civic Sedan and Civic Type R.

The all-new Civic series was developed to fulfill Honda’s desire to provide its customers with the top-class “joy of driving” among all C-segment models in the world. With a newly-developed platform at its core, the all-new Civic features an advanced, low and wide form, created to achieve functional beauty, as well as a direct-injected VTEC Turbo engine which realizes both powerful and smooth acceleration and excellent environmental performance at the same time. The all-new Civic series consists of three model types – the Civic Sedan, offering a sophisticated and high-quality driving experience; the Civic Hatchback, highlighting sportiness; and the Civic Type R, the ultimate front-wheel drive sports model.
Moreover, Honda also announced plans to kick-off a corporate advertising campaign in Japan featuring the all-new Civic, titled “Go, Vantage Point.” to begin on Sunday, July 30, 2017.

<All-new Civic series>

Striving to provide top-class “joy of driving” among all C-segment models, Honda developed a new platform which enables the vehicle to achieve high-level dynamic performance for various driving situations including sporty driving at a racing circuit. Based on this newly-developed platform which realizes the ultimate dynamic performance intended for the Type R, three types were developed simultaneously, and the overall potential of the all-new Civic series was enhanced dramatically through the unique characteristics of each type.

The all-new Civic Type R achieves a significant improvement in sports performance as it was developed not as a tuned-up version of the base model but by envisioning and pursuing the ideals of Civic Type R from scratch starting from an early stage of development. Moreover, user-friendliness in the city, spaciousness and occupant comfort are also further improved for Type R. In addition to featuring excellence in spaciousness and ease-of-use, the Hatchback and Sedan realize sportier dynamic performance, benefitting from the quality of driving achieved by Type R.